Street Department

Ottoville Village street department duties:IMG_0271 two trucks

  • Over sees the care and repair of all the Village streets, alleys, and storm sewers
  • Repairs all Village equipment
  • Mows all the Village lawns
  • Maintenance of all the Village buildings
  • Assist park board with maintenance of the park
  • Maintain proper signage on all Village streets

Middle of October thru the middle of November we pick up leaves that are raked to the edge of the road.  After that we will pick up bagged leaves.

We pick up sticks & landscape clippings that are placed at the edge of the road.  We do not pick up grass clippings, wood from trees that are cut down by residents, or bushes that have been pulled out.  If you have questions on what to do with these please call the Mayor’s office.

In the winter when the snow fills the streets we do our best to plow it off to the side of the road.  If possible please move your vehicles off the streets on these days.  DO NOT clean your snow off into the street as this is a safety hazard.

For issues, please send us an email!