Income Tax Information

Ottoville Division of Income Tax
P.O. Box 102
Ottoville, OH  45876

Tax Information

Ottoville Income Tax Administrator:  Jane Horstman

Income tax was active in 1971.

All residents living in the Village must file annual income tax.

Ottoville Income Tax Rate:  1% on “total income from any source including income from gambling, lottery winnings, and deferred compensation but less Section 125 annuities”

  • Unemployment & retirement is not taxable.
  • Nonwage distributions from and S-Corporation are not taxable.
  • NOL (Net Operating Loss): 5 years loss (What is NOL?)
  • Maximum credit for taxes paid to another city/village is 1%
  • Percentage of that amount allowed as a credit is 100%
  • Anyone who works in town must have their employer take Village tax out of their paycheck.  Then annually they must file a final return by April 30th.
  • If you work out of town and live in the Village, you must file a return but the Village gives a 1% tax credit if you pay in another Village/City.


  • File annual final tax report by April 30th.
  • Filing frequency is quarterly.

Income Tax Filing Forms